Our Short Story:

Since parents often have to work away from home, parents are desperately in need of a suitable place to help bring up their children. Having realized the parents’ desire on appropriate care for their children, a day care centre was established in 1999. And in fact we did not have plans to go beyond. It is parents that have given us inspiration and desire to build a nursery school and after few years a primary school.

Message from Head Teacher

Believe that your child can become the best of what you nobly want her/him to become as our school motto states “EDUCATION AND DISCIPLINE FOR FUTURE SUCCESS” our focus is to bring up young boys and girls who are highly prepared for their learning and who are well talented in completing their education with high proficient. Nalopa schools aims at bringing up your child so as she/he loves learning, able to solve problems and be creative as well.
Bring your Child to Us! You will never regret!
-Millicent Samali

Parents Say

School Clubs

Apart from intellectual abilities learners here are also involved in co-curricular activities which are devided into clubs. Pupils participate in one or more clubs such as arts and crafts, needle works, science and technology, farming, cooking, building and contruction club  just to mension few. Our students are enjoying to learn many other skills outside their classrooms just like how they would learn these skills at home.

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