School Curriculum

The school offers the NECTA English Medium Curriculum which is set by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Primary Campus

The primary campus offers quality primary education to male and female children of all ethnic groups and faith for mental, social, moral and physical development. There are two streams of classrooms in each class from grade I to grade VII. The classroom can comfortably accommodate 35 pupils each with enough spacing slightly more than recommended classroom space requirement so as to give pupils enough space when learning.

Nursery Campus

The kindergarten offers excellent early education, sports and games for the young children. It enrolls male and female children aged 3-6 years and of all ethnic groups and religions. The kindergarten is divided into three rooms.
3 – 4 yrs Baby class.
4 – 5 yrs Middle class.
5 – 6 yrs Preparatory class.
Subjects taught include reading, writing, mathematics, English language, phonics, environmental activities, games and sports, arts and crafts.
A video set and learning meterials are available to facilitate learning.

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