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Boarding facility

Having realized the need of pupils who are residing away from Arusha and the busy working parents, the school has launched a high comfort boarding services for the pupils at a very affordable cost. There are two well-furnished dormitories which gives your child a home feeling while enjoying his/her studies. A matron and Patron with special love and care are there taking care of them.


The school has reliable and enough school buses to satisfy pupils’ routes who are day cared around their homes. The school buses pick up pupils around their homes to school and later back to their homes on time.

Computer Room

Our school offers computer studies from grade three with no additional costs. The computer room has 30 computers connected to internet, a projector and two printers, each pupil seat on his/her own computer during a computer class to give room for better understanding.

Sports and Playground

The school has got big playing grounds which give children enough space for playing games, running and other sports activities. There is a football pitch, netball court, volleyball ground, basketball, table tennis, handball, rugby, hula hoops, darts, skipping ropes and many other board and card games e.g. snake and ladder, monopoly, cards, puzzles etc plus the swings.

Multipurpose hall

The hall is well equipped with furniture and is big enough to accommodate from 300 to 1000 people suitable for a wide range of activities such as meetings, weddings, dinning, theatre, ceremonies, indoor games etc


The school has a small library where by children borrow various books to increase their knowledge. The library has two computers with internet, text books, story books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps, religious books etc

Big and conducive learning environment

The environment in our school is very conducive for learning. Pupils enjoy their indoor and outdoor learning activities. They enjoy learning in the spacious classrooms and during personal studies and group discussions they can sit in various places under the shade of trees within the school compound.

A standby generator

Due to TANESCO technical problems which may occur any time, thus leading to power rationing or total black out. The school has a standby generator that supplies electricity so that school schedule continues as usual

Bore hole well

“Water is life” the school has two bore holes which supply enough water frequently in case the regular water in un available. The water has been tested and passed the entire tests for domestic use. The water is used in daily activities like; washing, cleaning, cooking, and watering vegetables and gardens