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School Clubs

Pupils participate in one or more clubs such as arts and crafts, needle works, science and technology, farming, cooking, building and contruction club just to mention few. Our students are enjoying to learn many other skills outside their classrooms just like how they would learn these skills at home.

Arts and crafts club

The school has a workshop well stacked with equipments and materials for arts and crafts. Pupils learn how to make different things from wood, clay, soft stones, sisal etc. Pupils also learn how to draw and colour/paint different pictures. They are also taught how to dye different fabrics.

Needle work club

The school has a needle work club where pupils learn how to make different things like shorts, shirts, socks, bags etc. They learn how to use the sewing machine to sew clothes. Pupils learn how to mend their torn clothes and buttoning. They make carpets, door mats, table mats etc.

Building and constructions club

Shelter is one of the basic needs for human beings and some other animals. The school has a construction club in which pupils are taught how to build some structures like houses, cow shed, wooden doors, and wooden tables etc using different tools. Pupils are also taught how to fix tiles, paving blocks, water taps etc. This is not an easy job because it involves thinking and calculations.

Music club

Music is a universal language. The school has musical equipment such as drums, keyboards, flutes, guitars etc. Pupils express their talents in various activities like school band, school choir while using the instruments in singing various songs like school song, national anthem and others

Science and technology club

This club helps pupils to develop their scientific and technological skills into practice. They do make prototypes of different modules of machines and ideas that they have in mind into the real world. They make electric bells, traffic lights signal etc.

Farming and gardening club

Apart from intellectual abilities learners here are also involved in co-curricular activities which involve manual work. Pupils participate in outdoor activities like; vegetable farming and garden work and they really enjoy what they do with their own hands. We have open ground gardens and green houses. And we eat what we produce.

Cooking club

Do you love food? Yes! We do as well. We teach pupils how to prepare and cook different types of foods. From the traditional foods to modern foods, from breakfast to dinner and from snacks to bites, we are good at all meals.