Boarding Facilities:

Having realized the need of pupils who are residing away from Arusha municipality, the school has launched a high comfort boarding services for the pupils and very low cost.

There are two well-furnished houses -dormitories with TV, Kitchen, modern bunk beds (double decker beds) and study tables which gives your child a home feeling while enjoying his/her studies. A matron  and Patron with special love care are there looking after them.


The school has reliable and enough school buses to satisfy pupils’ routes who are day cared around their homes. The school buses pick up pupils at the gates of their homes to schools and later back to their homes on time.

Computer room

A school offers computer studies for primary pupils with no addition fees at all. The computer room has more than 30 computers and two printers, each pupil seat on his/her own during a computer class to give room for better understanding. 

Playground and sports

Nalopa Schools has got big playing grounds which gives children  enough space for playing games running and other sports activities.

There is a football pitch, netball court, table tennis and many other games.