y name is Calvin Jeremiah Mzirah. I would like to tell you about Africa.

Way out in the jungles of Angola was a village of Christian people. Every day they knelt and prayed to the true God. The people would go to their work.They cooked food and washed clothes and cared for the children.They dug in the gardens and planted seeds.They hoed and they harvested. Some of the people would visit those who were not Christians.

hey would tell them about God  and how God gives us all things.But many people would laugh and say,  “ Let us alone” What foolish stories you have about God! We have our own God made of wood and other thing. We do not believe that just one God made all things. And who ever heard of a God who loves us! There is no God who loves us the way you say your God does!

The Christians would return to their village and pray, Dear God in heaven you do love us.You do care for us please help us to show your love to all those people. And so all the people in the Christian village and outside the village would cook their food and care for their children.They dug in their gardens and planted seeds and hoed.They harvested.

Then just one year they dug in their gardens, they planted seeds they hoed but they did not harvest. You see this year we would not harvest.Then the seed would sprout and grow.The people would hoe and harvest.

Then one of the days it was a lovely and a nice day for that God sent man and suddenly it was like  frosky white flakes made of honey.It  was a day the people were  blessed. The people were surprised and some of the Mwere frightened. This was a good and lovely day to the Christians village.

Thank you

By Calvin Jeremiah